Hidden Treasures of the Adriatic – Day 3 – Koper

The largest town on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, Koper was originally founded during the Middle Bronze Age on what was then a rocky island off the shore. 

Now a modern and attractive destination for visitors, Koper still wears its history on its sleeve, most notably the five centuries of Venetian rule, which has left a distinctive mark on the town.

 Strolling along the narrow streets and past the imposing palaces and monumental architecture of the old town, one could be forgiven for thinking they were in Italy, especially given the fact that all street signs are in both Slovene and Italian.


 The cuisine here also stands in stark contrast to that found in much of the rest of the country, with Mediterranean style dishes typical of the Istrian region having pride of place on most menus, accompanied by fine wine produced in the nearby hills. However, despite its outward appearance, Koper is of course a Slovene town first and foremost, and moreover a quite important economically, given that it is the site of Slovenia’s only commercial port.

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