Well, here I am writing my first post……and would like to thank Tony and Graham for getting my blog into production! I have not been very well this past week and decided to stay at home with my five dogs and go through some special boxes of treasures that I had purchased ages ago in markets and from dealers in Belgium, Lille, Krakow and London. I have worked solidly for the last three days into the night, next to my beautifully scented Ormonde Jayne candel ( Casablanca Lily) mounting and wiring different hand painted floral bits and pieces onto manipulated metal filagree. I wanted to blend all these unique collections metal findings, small enamelled brooches into altered statement jewellery. I have cut and stitched with wire creating posies, old fashioned baskets filled with flowers, Cherubs with red lips and Lions wearing tiaras adorned with garlands of roses and pastel bluebells……( I am a Leo)
I will make some rings and earrings tomorrow. Every piece will be one of a kind.
I hope you all like what I have created ……..











19 thoughts on “MY FIRST POST

  1. Very beautiful Basia as usual. Long life as well to your blog. Next time I am at London I will visit you at your shop. I was there beginning of january but you were away for a very long trip. I saw some pictures of it and it was a pleasure to discover day after day the so beautiful countries and your marvelous dresses !!!! Agnes

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  2. Absolutely beautiful work, as always! I shall also call in the shop when we visit London. Hope you are feeling better again soon. The very best of luck with your blog too. I am really in love with the little flower basket. Carol xxx

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  3. Your creations are stunning as ever Basia. My personal favourites are the lions but all have such attention to detail and colour. I’ve been busy making some bead and button creations since joining a few classes on the Burma and beyond cruise, but have masses of skill to gain yet! Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell this week and hope your creativity helps take your mind off it . Love and light x

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  4. I was just editing photos from my last trip to London and needed an address for your store. I was delighted to find your website as well as blog, so I could thank you for your visually rich gift to the world. It was after closing when I found your shop, so I had to be satisfied to take photos of the window display. Your store will be my first stop on my next trip. Whoever thinks a fairy godmother is a fictional character needs to meet you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination and elevating wearable art to new heights.

    A fan from San Francisco…

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